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Bottom Harness Profile Maps now Available!!

All maps for sale are available for immediate download after payment

Welcome to M & B Contour Map Fishing, a site developed for fishermen, particularly aimed at those wanting to try a new water, planning a holiday or just after a better understanding of there local fishery.
After arriving at a venue you wonder which swim could offer the best fishing? After choosing a swim and setting up you spend a considerable amount of time plumbing for depth and trying to find any features such as drop-offs, ledges etc.

Valuable Fishing Time !!

Our aim is to save this time by producing a detailed contour map of the fishery showing water depths, main bottom features and a plan of the water with relative positions of fishing pegs / swims.

The rest as they say is up to you.

By clicking on Venues A-Z or a County on the left you will find a list of fisheries, pick the venue of interest and click on the link. This will display a page and by clicking on one of the options you can download for Free or purchase a detailed contour map© which will greatly affect your choice of swim and also the areas to which you cast.
We have spent time at all the venues to ensure that maps and information is both useful and accurate. We hope you enjoy the site and find it useful, any comments or suggestions can be sent by using the "contact us page" or by emailed to :-
Many maps are Free but the maximum cost of a map is £3.00 to £12.00 but you will be made fully aware of which tariff before any purchase
Please note that all contour maps© and documents are copy write protected and they are supplied on the strict understanding that they are for personal use only and must not be displayed, transmitted or communicated to others in any form or medium.

Finally our thanks to Alderwood Ponds for their patience and help in getting this project started.
Wishing you tight lines
M & B